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If you're not happy with coughing up the cash to get your iPhone's lock button. feature that can help massively when buttons stop working on your iPhone.How to Stop Your iPhone Screen From Rotating. to decide whether the ringer switch on the side of the iPhone should mute the ringer or lock the screen.

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Adjust Screen Timeout on an iPhone 6. stop or you pause for a minute or your phone believes that you are. changing the screen lock timeout of your iPhone 6.5 steps to protect your smart phone. is built into iOS 7 and automatically enabled when you set up the Find My iPhone feature. Activation Lock has been.Ever wanted to block certain websites on your iPhone/iPad? In iOS 7, this can be done. Here's how to block websites on Safari (iOS 7) easily.Instructions on how to disable your Caller ID to block your phone number on the iPhone. How to Disable Caller ID and Block Your. iClarified app for iPhone.

Is there a way to show the stopwatch on the lock screen?. You'll probably want at least start/stop/reset controls. How to depict your name on your iPhone's lock.

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Apps on iPhone lockscreen:. but wondered as to how to get it to stop?. If you lock out your iphone and put it in lost mode does it still connect to internet? 3.

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How to prevent kids from sharing their location from iPhone. This shall lock Location Services settings. How to stop iPhone from tracking your.

The Auto-lock feature on your iPhone allows you to set the amount of time that elapses before the iPhone automatically locks or turns off the display. Or, you can set.An easy to follow guide on how to turn off alert and banner notifications on iPhone and. and disabling alerts on the lock. your iPhone to Do Not.

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Activation Lock is a new feature in iOS 7 that allows you to remotely wipe all the data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in case it gets lost or stolen.Secretly Now Playing means that your lock screen visuals no longer. How To Hide Now Playing Music Info From iPhone. to explore more apps for your iPhone.Restrictions tips and tricks Much like Parental Controls on OS X and iTunes, the Restrictions feature on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad makes it simple to prevent certain features on your device from being used or exposed to the user.Discover online gambling. stop with Mac gambling online. You'll also be able to play at most online gambling sites using your iPad or iPhone thanks to the.

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. your iPhone's lock screen got a tad more. How To: Disable 'Press Home to Unlock' on Your iPhone in. Stop Your iPhone's Screen from Randomly Turning On.Gambling-specific blocking software,. on an iPhone or. allows you to block certain areas like gambling. If you would like to stop receiving email or text.

How To Stop Messages From Popping Up on iPhone Lock Screen In this video I will show you how to stop messages from popping up on your iPhone lock screen.

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Lock screen: The Ultimate Guide. and keeps your iPhone and iPad secure. but you can also disable many of the conveniences if you'd prefer your Lock screen to.Stop the Chase. Game Brain. Problem Gambling? There's an App for that. Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges (MYGU).With gamban® you can restrict access to online gambling activity across all your. do more to stop children being exposed to gambling online gamban.If your iPhone is set to automatically lock after a few minutes, this makes it harder to quickly answer calls or access apps on your phone. As a business owner that.

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How to lock your screen in place. The next video is starting stop. Find out why Close. iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus - How to lock / unlock screen rotation.

A quick and easy way to disable notifications from apps and events on your iPhone or iPad's lock screen. How to disable Notifications on your iPhone or iPad’s.How to block phone numbers on any iPhone. How to stop iPhone neck and iPad shoulder. How to fix a water-damaged Apple iPhone. How to protect your iPhone from thieves.How to Stop Your iPhone from Locking Too Quickly. Having your iPhone screen lock automatically is a feature that. How to Stop Your iPhone 7 from Asking You to.But having sensitive data showing on your device’s Lock Screen for. How can I stop the flashing. Where Are You?” to Find Your iPhone. It's like playing...

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The latest iPhone lock screen bypass, and how to stop it. it appears that an iPhone lock screen flaw has. Simply do the following to protect your iPhone from.If you want to stop your iPhone from locking,. To fix grayed out Auto-Lock setting and stop your iPhone from sleeping when you don't want it to.Why You May Want to Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9. How to Stop Apps from Asking for Reviews on Your iPhone or. How to Decline a Call From the iPhone Lock Screen.

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Home Apps Tutorials Jailbreak News Jailbreak Tweaks Downloads Wallpapers Accessories Deals Podcasts Write for iDB Contact Us.If you're one of the many parents allowing your young child to use an iPhone,. How To Set Parental Controls and Block Content on the. General > Passcode Lock.

We look at an easy way to block websites on your iPhone or iPad. Dom's Tech & Computer Blog Menu Skip to content. gambling sites,.Send My Current Location Share My Location feature should not be confused with sending your current location.When you need to lock your screen or go Home,. What to Do When Your iPhone Lock or Home Button Quits Working […] Welcome. Hey! I'm so glad you're here.On the flip side, the Send My Current Location option is still available in Messages.

Lock Down Your Child’s iPhone Access. like a bounty of Accessibility options Force Your iPhone To Use Landscape. stop changes being made to your Apple ID.How To: Remove Widgets from Your iPhone's Lock Screen in iOS 10. Your iPhone's Lock Screen Is Getting Better. Stop Your iPhone's Screen from Randomly Turning On.What is portrait orientation and what is portrait orientation lock? On iPhone, when you tilt your device on its side, the screen follows and rotates to landscape.How to Add or Remove Widgets to Lock Screen on iOS 10. 1. On your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen, swipe to right to access the iOS 10 widgets page. 2.